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There is a huge gap in performance between the strongest and weakest employees performing the same or similar jobs in most organizations. We call this performance differential the Employee Performance Gap. The Employee Performance Gap is typically 25%-100% in simple jobs and as much as 500%-1,000% in complex and high-responsibility positions requiring broader and higher-level skills. To illustrate this point, the Chief Information Officer of a leading company told us that "my best programmers produce ten times as much code, of better quality, than my least-effective keepers." He then added "there is little correlation between what our programmers produce and what they are paid." Closing the Employee Performance Gap can provide breakthrough increases in profit at most companies Cheap Nacho Fernandez Jersey , even if their profit is already at all-time high levels.

Managers and the strongest employees often spend much of their time fixing problems caused by the weakest performers. This creates an enormous drag on organizational performance and serves to de-motivate top performers, a situation few organizations can afford to tolerate.

An effective way to assess and identify employee performance gap issues is to conduct an employee survey. Employee engagement surveys and employee satisfaction surveys measure how engaged and satisfied employees are, and identify what needs to be done to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. Employees that are more engaged and satisfied work harder and smarter, they get more work done and their enthusiasm rubs off on other employees.

Closing the Employee Performance Gap enables organizations to get more done with fewer staff and to significantly improve quality and customer service. For many companies, the bottom line impact of the Employee Performance Gap is huge. Ineffective sales calls translate into lost opportunities. Based on a wide range of consulting reviews Cheap Mateo Kovacic Jersey , we ha... , there is a great likelihood that an error, lack of action or poor judgment on the part of employee caused the technology to fail.

Picking a Winning Team:

Imagine ten kids coming together to play a sport, any sport. The kids know each other and have played together many times before. Is there ever a question about who the captains will be? Of course not, the two best players will be the captains and everyone knows who they are. When it comes to picking the teams, about the only thing that isn't known is which captain will get to pick first. Once the coin is tossed Cheap Marcos Llorente Jersey , it is clear as to which person will be chosen first, second and so on down to the tenth player. Some of the kids may not like the order in which they are chosen, but they all know the selection process and accept that they are picked based on their relative ability and value to the team. Depending on the particular players, there usually is a wide range of ability and performance on each of the chosen teams.

Now let's think about the teams that come together to make up our companies. A team may have seven accounting clerks, twelve engineers Cheap Marco Asensio Jersey , five ... , eleven bond traders or any number of employee performing similar jobs. If the teams have worked together for a while, the team members all know each other's strengths and weaknesses, as well as whom the top, middle and bottom performers are.

As in sports, corporate managers and team leaders should have a clear understanding of the relative performance of each of their players. While some corporate managers know the performance of each of their employee Cheap Luka Modric Jersey , many do not accurately measure and assess the performance of their team members. Of equal importance, those managers who have performance measurements often avoid or have difficulty using measurements as a tool for increasing the performance of their employee.

All managers should ask themselves every day, is my team a winning team and do I have the right players, playing at peak performance to win? If the answer to these questions is no, or I'm not sure Cheap Lucas Vazquez Jersey , what can be done to increase performance of employee and crea
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