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Spring is traditionally the season of creation. In nature Spring is the season of new life Cheap Sean Rodriguez Jersey , growth and development. Spring is a time of change and brings with it the possibility of creating new opportunities for ourselves. It is also an excellent time to reflect on where our lives are heading as well as a perfect time for us to devise new strategies to achieve our goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

I would like to share with you a very successful technique that I use to achieve all of my goals. It will also raise your awareness as to where you are at in your life at the moment and see if there are any new possibilities that you can create, that ultimately will help you to achieve all of your goals with EASE this season.

Whenever I come to a period of change in my life I always ask myself the following questions. The questions help me to get full clarity on what the next steps are for me in the creation process of my goals.

What am I currently doing in my life?

This is an excellent question that helps to raise my awareness of where I have been spending the most of my time and energy in the past few months.

Why am I currently doing this?

This question looks at the underlying motivation of why I am spending my time and energy on whatever it is I am doing. It is an excellent chance to find out if I have been spending my time and energy on something that IS or IS NOT important to me.

Is what I am currently doing working for me and do I really enjoy doing this?

If the answer is yes then I know I am probably on the right track to achieving my goals. However if the answer is no then I ask myself the following question.

What would I rather be doing?

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Once I have answered this question for each important aspect of my life I ask the following question

Are there any reasons why I am not doing this right now?

This is quite possibly the most powerful question as it keeps me 100% honest to what I would rather be, do and have in my life and if I answer YES to it, then it instantly raises my awar. NHL Jerseys From China Cheap Jer...


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