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A facility or area of operations where stone and other material is cut and customized to specific dimensions.

Face Weight

A measurement of the ounces of fiber per square inch of carpet.

Facial Defect

A defect on a flooring surface which diminishes the overall appearance.


See Color Fading

Faience Tiles

Decorative tiles that have a colorful picture or design on the surface. They are often hand-crafted and may vary from tile to tile.

Faux Rock

Flooring that is made to resemble natural rock. Often seen with concrete that has been textured and colored.

Feather Edge

An edge that starts thick and becomes gradually thinner until it forms a point.

Feature Strip

A design feature, similar to a border, that is used as an accent to enhance flooring.


Limestone that has a large content of iron oxide and is soft when taken from the earth, but becomes hard after exposure.


The material that carpet yarn is composed of, which can be synthetic or natural.

Fiber Saturation Point

When drying or wetting wood, the stage in which the cell walls are full of water and the cell cavities are free of water.


A broad term used to describe a material made from wood and other vegetable fibers glued together with heat and pressure. There are different levels of density and strength known as low, medium, or high density.

Field Stone

Boulders, cobbles, or other loose chunks of rock found scattered around a quarry.

Field Tile

Tiles used for the largest areas of flooring which may be inside a band or border.


Large areas of flooring that may be inside a band or border.


The natural characteristics of wood such as the grain, rays, knots, and other markings.


One continuous strand of carpet fiber.


Any compound used to fill in holes and irregularities in the surface of wood.


See Slats


The act of filling voids in a surface with a filler.


A protective coating which generally adds sheen to the floor and protects it. When finish dries, the layer that rises to the top is called the film.

Film Thickness

The thickness of a film either wet or dry.

Film-Forming Sealer

A sealer or membrane that forms a barrier from water and contaminates on the surface of flooring.


The coating applied to the surface of flooring to provide protection.

Finish Coat

A coat applied to the top of a flooring surface which provides protection for the flooring beneath.

Finish in Place

See Unfinished Wood Floor

Finished Stone

Stone that has been finished or dressed on the surface.


One of the final steps in flooring installation. Can mean applying a layer of finish, or with concrete, smoothing and compacting the surface.

Fire Decorating

A technique that involves firing decoration onto a flooring surface.

Fire Resistance

The ability of a floor to withstand fire.

Fire Retardant

A chemical used to make a floor more fire resistant.

Fire, Bisque

A procedure of firing ceramic flooring.

Fish Eyes

A problem that occurs when applying finish on a contaminated wood surface, which causes the finish to recede away from the area and fail to coat it. This forms round areas that lack finish. It is also referred to as crawling, cratering, or flow marks.


A natural characteristic of wood, described as a dark mineral streak that is shaped similar to a banner.

Flag Worm Hole

A natural wood characteristic described as one or more worm holes surrounded by a mineral streak.

Flame Spread

The spreading out of a flame away from the source of ignition across the surface of a liquid, solid, or gaseous mixture.

Flamed Finish

A finishing technique that is often used on stone flooring to achieve a rough, textured surface. The surface is heated by flame until it is very hot and then quickly cooled, causing the surface to pop and chip.

Flashing/Flash Broadcasting

A method used to apply color to wet concrete which involves the application of a dry-shake hardener.

Flat Finish

A finish that lacks luster.

Flat Grain

Manufactured bamboo slats laid-up and adhered together so the nodes of the bamboo are visible. Commonly known as horizontal grain.

Flatting Agent

A solution added to a coating to reduce luster and produce a flat finish.


A term used to describe wide and irregular graining patterns in Quartersawn flooring.

Flexural Strength

The ability of a flooring surface to resist bending.

Float and Trowel Textures

Patterns or textures created on the surface of wet concrete which can be shallow or deep and can be in swirls, arcs, straight lines, and so on.

Float Finish

A rough surface texture applied to wet concrete.


An installation method used when a floor is placed on top of an underlayment but remains unattached to the subfloor. This is considered an easy and quick method of installation.

Floating Floor Installation

A common flooring installation method where the floor floats on an underlayment and planks are attach at their tongue and groove edges. Glue is sometimes used in the seams of the tongue and groove, but the flooring is not attached to the subfloor. It is held down around the perimeter of the wall by the base molding

Floor Buffer

A machine used to buff and shine a finish coat of flooring using an abrasive pad.

Floor Polisher

A machine that is pushed across a flooring surface in order to polish it to a shine.

Floor Tile

A tile that is strong enough to be installed on a floor for everyday use.


The ability of a coating to spread into a smooth and flat surface before hardening.


Loose carpet fibers that have fallen into the carpet pile during manufacturing that come loose on the surface after installation. Also call fuzzing or shedding, it tends to go away after vacuuming a few times.


An object or surface that is level with another object or surface.

Fly Ash

A product made from ground coal that is used to replace Portland cement in concrete.

Ford Cup

A device which measures the viscosity of a liquid that was originally used by Ford Motor Company. It consists of a cup that holds a specific amount of a liquid which is emptied through a standardized hole in the bottom. Viscosity is measured by the amount of time it takes the cup to empty.

Form Liner

The material which lines a mould to create a patterned or smooth appearance in concrete.


A chemical compound; it is a volatile organic compound' (VOC) used in the flooring industry to produce a hard resin/glue which adheres to plywood, veneers, particleboard and other wood products. If heavily inhaled or high levels of exposure this chemical can be toxic and allergenic.


A crack or break in rock or another surface.


A trowel usually 2'- 4' long used for the final smoothing of wet concrete.


A type of carpet that is made from tightly twisted cut pile that curls over at the ends, giving the floor a rough, textured, knobby look. It is highly durable and hides footprints and other marks well.

Frost Proof Tile

A floor tile that is resistant to damage from freezing and thawing.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC is a non-profit group that promotes the responsible use of forests around the world. It has designated bamboo as a ""non-timber forest product"" which does not qualify for an FSC certification.

Full Spread

An installation method where the adhesive is spread over the entire subfloor before flooring is laid.


A problem caused from wear or cleaning, where fuzz or hair-like fibers slip out of the yarn.