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One of three main rock classes made when molten rock hardens. It can have a crystalline or glassy appearance.

Impact Load

Weight produced from momentary pressure such as walking or dropping objects. It is measured in pounds per square inch.

Impact Resistance

The amount of resistance a floor has against damage from falling objects.

Impact Test

A test which involves dropping a weight onto dried finish to determine at what impact the film shatters.

Impervious Tile

Tile that is considered very water resistant and has an absorption rate of 0.5% or less.

Incipient Decay

Decay of wood or other materials in an early stage which has not yet begun to impair the structural stability of the wood.


A term used to describe liquids that cannot be mixed together without impairing the original properties.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

A term that is used to describe carpet that can be installed indoors or outdoors.


A design method that involves inserting flooring with different colors, patterns, grains, or textures to create a border, feature strip, or design.

Inner Core

The center of a piece of flooring which often provides its structural durability.

Installation Methods

Refers to the way in which the flooring is installed in your home. There are various methods such as nail or staple down, glue down and floating installation methods.

Installation Rating

A ratings system used to help consumers determine whether an installation is a simple ""Do It Yourself"" project or is more suited for a professional. Ratings are submitted via consumer feedback and range from ""Moderate"" to ""Difficult"".

Integral Color

Color that is mixed into a product while it is being manufactured.

Integrally Colored Concrete

Color that is mixed into concrete before it is laid, producing uniform tinting.


A description of the purity of degree of hue a color has.


Expanding from the application of heat to provide a low density film.

Iron Oxide

More commonly known as rust, it is often used as a coloring pigment.

Isolation Membrane

An extra membrane placed below the surface of tile for added protection.