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The frame of a door, window, or other opening.

Janka Hardness Rating

The Janka Hardness Rating applies to both engineered and solid wood flooring and measures the amount of force needed to push a steel ball into the wood to a depth of half the ball's diameter. The higher the Janka Hardness Rating, the more durable and resistant to damage the floor generally is.

Janka Scale

A rating used to determine the hardness in pounds per inch (PSI) of different types of wood flooring. Floors that are higher in density receive higher ratings and are less likely to damage through normal use.

Job Finished

Refers to floors that are finished after installation rather than being finished at a factory.


An area in a wall that is indented in or projects out, making it deviate from a flush surface.


A groove often found in concrete that is used to control cracking or allow expansion of the concrete.

Joint Compound

A compound applied with paper or mesh to joints to provide a flawless joining of two surfaces once sanded.

Joint Filler

A filler used in joints that is compressed when the floor expands or contracts.

Joint Staggering

The act of installing flooring so that the joints are staggered and do not meet each other side by side.

Jointed Flooring

Flooring that has no tongue or groove and is usually end-matched, which makes replacing strips easier.


A section of the bamboo plant located in between the hollow areas of the stalk referred to as the knuckles. Also see ""node"".


Parallel beams below the subfloor used to support floors and ceilings.