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A solution that cures very quickly and is often used as a sealer but may be incompatible with some stains and topcoats. It contains nitrocellulose and is very flammable.


A fine layer of loosely bound particles caused by the rising of water on the surface of fresh concrete which must be removed before applying a top coat.

Lamb’s Wool Applicator

A tool used to apply finish to a large area that is made of lamb's wool.


A type of high density flooring that gives the appearance of hardwood, ceramic tile, stone or even brick. It generally consists of a moisture barrier, a layer of high density fiberboard, a very high resolution image, and a durable, clear layer of resin-c

Laminated Wood

A type of high density flooring that gives the appearance of hardwood. It is made similar to regular laminate but uses a thin piece of real wood instead of a high resolution image in its top layer.


The term lamination refers to the bonding of multiple layers of bamboo slats using adhesives under heavy amounts of pressure. This creates bamboo blanks that are milled into flooring and trim (molding) pieces.


A verb which means to lay or place a coat so it covers the edge of a previous coat, causing an increased thickness.

Latex-Portland Cement Grout

A type of grout made of Portland cement and a latex additive.

Latex-Portland Cement Mortar

A type of mortar made of Portland cement and a latex additive.


Igneous rocks in their molten form that erupt from volcanic activity.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

The LEED Green Building Rating System was created to provide environmentally sustainable construction standards to builders and developers. The rating system takes into account sustainable building sites, water usage efficiency, atmosphere and energy, resources and materials, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design process.

Level Loop

A type of carpet that has loops that are uncut and about the same height making a level surface.


The ability of a liquid to flow so that the surface becomes flat, level, and free of bumps.


A sedimentary stone used for stone flooring that is available in neutral colors. It is made from a combination of calcite and sediment and may contain fossils or shells.


A structurally durable backing that a veneer slab is adhered to.


A type of flooring made by oxidizing linseed oil, which is then mixed with fine plant materials such as ground cork, pine resin, and wood flour and laid on a jute fibre backing.


A problem that occurs when the edges of two tiles that come together at a joint are not on the same plane. Some lippage can be tolerated and bridged using grout, depending on the width of the joint. Generally, the lippage between two surfaces should not b

Listel or Listello

A strip or border used for decoration, generally on a wall.

Living Room

A room in the house often used for family gatherings. Many people will use this room to watch television.

Long Strip Plank

A type of engineered floor that has several smaller strips of wood glued together on one core to create the look of a board that is three rows wide and several planks long.

Loop Pile

A type of carpet that has uncut loops which can be tufted or woven. Also known as round wire, it generally holds up better than other piles under heavy traffic.

Low Emitting

Low emitting finishes have low overall levels of off-gassing, limiting the amount of dangerous gasses released into your home.


The quality of brightness, gloss, or sheen that a substance has.