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Nail Down

An installation method where flooring is nailed to the subfloor.


A method of installation that utilizes an air powered flooring nail gun to attach a flooring plank to the subfloor below.


See Pile Height


The look and color of bamboo that has not had any stain applied.

Natural Bed

The setting of stone parallel to how it was found in the quarry.

Natural Clay Tile

A natural ceramic tile that is usually made using a plastic or dust-pressed method, resulting in a lightly textured surface.

Natural Cleft

Stone that has been separated at a natural seam which is said to have a natural cleft surface.

Neoprene Rubber

Rubber underlayment used beneath hard surface floors to significantly reduce the noise produced when walking on a floor

Neutral Cleaner

A cleaner that has a pH close to 7 which is neither acidic nor alkaline.


The process of using water and ammonia or sodium carbonate to wash concrete and return it to a pH of 6.0 - 9.0 after acid etching.


Refers to the joints of the bamboo stem located between hollow points along the culm pole. The node is made up of a stiff membrane spanning the culm where buds and branches can be found. These joints help reinforce the bamboo stalk.


National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association.

Nominal Dimension

A measuring of flooring that includes the recommended joint size. The actual size of the tile or piece of flooring may be smaller.

Nominal Size

The size in which flooring is sold, though the actual size of the product may be slightly longer.

Non-Slip Tile

Tile that is resistant to objects slipping or sliding across it.

Non-Vitreous Tile

Tile that is not very resistant to moisture and has absorption rates over 7%.


The portion of a substance that does not evaporate and is left behind once the volatiles are evaporated.


A molding applied to the front of stairs and landings used to create a rounded finish.


A squeegee with a notched edge used to spread a coating over a surface.


National Wood Flooring Association



The most commonly used fiber to make carpet. It is a synthetic material that is fade, stain, and heat resistant.