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A type of varnish that has urethane in it.


See Polypropylene


A term used to describe a subfloor that sits level with the surface of the ground.

Onyx Marble

A type of marble that is usually translucent and has a layered effect. It is composed of lime carbonate.

Oolitic Limestone

A uniform, non-crystalline, calcareous stone that is able to withstand freezing and thawing conditions. It is formed of full shells and pieces of shells that are calcite-cemented together.


A term used to describe how transparent a substance is.

Open Grain

A problem that results when finish absorbs into an area of softer grain instead of forming a hard film on top which can be fixed by applying an additional coat of finish.

Orange Peel

A term used to describe the appearance a finish takes on when a rolling brush is rolled or air is blown across a finish that has partially cured, leaving marks that look similar to an orange peel.

Oriented Strand Board

A type of underlayment material, also known as OSB, that is composed of strands of wood laid in a specific way to increase strength.


See Oriented Strand Board

Overlap Reducer

A transitional molding that is used to transition between two floors of different heights.

Overlapping Square Nose

See Square Nosing / Universal Edge

Overlapping Stair Nosing

A molding applied around the front of stairs and landings that over laps the edge of the floor itself, but is attached to the subfloor to allow the floor to expand and contract.


A product built into the top layer of flooring which gives it protection and durability. It can be many different materials such as paper, plastic, film, metal foil, and so on.


A problem that arises when flooring is installed over an uneven subfloor, resulting in some planks or strips rising higher than others and creating an uneven surface.