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A trim piece used in doorways and places where bamboo flooring transitions to another floor of the same height. A good example of this is in doorways where bamboo flooring is being installed in two adjoining rooms.

Tack Rag

A cloth used alone or with a solution to clean up dust from sanding.


A surface that can be lightly touched without leaving a mark or sticking to fingers.

Tack-less Strip

A strip generally made of wood or metal that is usually nailed to the subfloor around the perimeter of the room. It has row of pins that are angled towards the walls, which catch the carpet as it is stretched and secured in place.


A term used to describe a surface that is not yet able to be touched without leaving a residue on your fingers or an imprint in the surface.

Tamper / Pounder

A handheld device that is used to firmly imprint skins or mats into concrete that contains a pattern or texture.


The chemical contained in wood that produces its color.

Technical Data Sheet

A sheet that lists any safety precautions, recommendations, instructions, or other data about a product that you should know.

Tensile Strength

The ability to resist pulling stress, usually from the natural expansion and contraction of the floor.


A type of flooring that consists of small pieces or chips of stone set or mixed into a cementious material and then polished.

Texture Roller

A device that looks similar to a paint roller but has a pattern or texture imprinted in the cylinder. It is rolled onto wet concrete and often used with stencils.


A type of carpet with a two-toned appearance made from cut piles with alternating twists.


The act of giving a surface a texture that can be felt to the touch.

Texturing Skins

A flexible layer of material with an imbedded texture which is laid onto wet concrete to imprint a design.


A material that softens when heated and hardens when cooled.

Thin Marble

Marble flooring that is 2"" or less thick.

Thin Stone/Thin Veneer

A layer of flooring less than 2"" thick.

Thin-Set Mortar

A thin layer of cementious adhesive that is spread onto a surface which tile is then laid into.


The sill of a doorway


A thin piece or slab of ceramic, stone, or another material, often used for flooring, roofs, or interior or exterior decoration.


A shade of color that is produce by adding a color to white paint or enamel.


A term used for the leeway a product can have in dimension that is ordered at a specific size.


See Tongue and Groove

Tongue & Groove (T&G)

A process where one side of a plank or strip has a groove cut out and the other side has a tongue extending out. When the two sides fit together they form a unit.

Tooled Finish

A flooring finish that has 4-8 parallel, concave grooves per inch.


Thin coating placed over a flooring surface to add decoration.


A term used to describe two flooring surfaces that meet. A molding is often used to cover this transitional area.


A term used to describe a substance that allows light to pass through but is not completely see-through.


A type of natural stone that belongs to the limestone family. Also called Calcium Carbonate, travertine is formed when minerals dissolve in the water on the ground and are deposited on the surface.

Travertine Finishes

A finish that resembles natural travertine, often used on concrete, which offers a stucco-like texture with high spots being smooth and low spots being rough.

Travertine Limestone / Travertine Marble

A type of limestone that has winding, irregular holes in the surface and often has areas that display small stalactites.

Tri Sodium Phosphate

A product used to remove contaminates from the surface of a floor.


The materials used to give the flooring a finished look and cover expansion gaps. This includes T-moldings, baseboards, quarter rounds, etc.


A multi-use hand tool available in different sizes and shapes that is used for applying, smoothing, and flattening topping, repair materials, or other products.

Trowel Finish

A concrete floor finish design that is created with a trowel and can be smooth or textured.


A flooring joist system.


Loops or cut loops of yarn that form the surface layer of carpeting.

Tuft Bind

The force that it takes to pull a tuft away from the carpet backing.


Carpet created by weaving loops or cut loops of yarn onto a primary backing.


Tufting is the process of weaving loops or cut loops of yarn onto a primary backing.

Tumbled Finish

A finish often used on tiles where they are placed in a machine and tumbled to deliver a tile that is chipped or broken around corners and does not usually have square edges as a result.

Tung Oil

A type of oil-based finish that penetrates wood, giving it a hand rubbed look when applied in multiple coats. It also slightly ambers the wood.


The winding of each individual tuft which gives the carpet more dimensional stability.