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aka: Threshold or baby threshold

A ray of light that is outside the visible spectrum at its violet end. This often causes flooring to become lighter or darker, and is sometimes used to cure a finish.

Un-Sanded Grout

A type of grout which is applied to joints and requires no sanding once dry, minimizing the risk of damaging the floor. Any excess grout is wiped clean with a sponge before the grout hardens.


Coats applied under the finishing coats.


A layer of material installed between the subfloor and new flooring to provide moisture resistance, insulation, and sound transmission resistance. It is often made of rubber, cork, foam, or plastic.


A type of flooring that is sanded and finished after installation.

Unfinished Wood Floor

Wood flooring that is sanded and finished after installation. These are able to be sanded even when subfloors are uneven.

Unglazed Tile

A hard tile which does not have a color or glaze over the surface and is often naturally or synthetically colored throughout the entire piece.

Uniclic Joint

Glue-less tongue and groove joint system patented by Unilin Decor of Belgium, in which the lower lip puts pressure on the tongue, holding it in place.


A term generally used for Parquet flooring to describe three or more squares bond together.


A synthetic chemical structure.

US Green Building Council (USGBC)

A coalition of building-industry leaders working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible and profitable, as well as being healthy places to live and work. USGBC's purpose is to improve the quality of life by transforming the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated with regard to environmental and social responsibility, healthfulness and prosperity.

UV Cured

The factory process of baking finish onto bamboo flooring with ultra violet light. Each coat of applied finish must go through UV lamps immediately after it has been applied.

UV-Cured Polyurethane

Polyurethane that is cured using ultraviolet light.