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A term used to describe the V-shaped groove made from two eased or beveled edges coming together.


V.O.C. - Volatile Organic Compounds, a measurement of solvents that are not water in a product.

Vapor Barrier

A layer of material that is applied between the floor and subfloor which prevents the migration of moisture.

Vapor Retarder

Foil, plastic, specialty paper, or other material which is used to control the migration of moisture.


A solution made of either natural or synthetic oils, used as a sealer.

Vein Cut

A cut of stone that was taken perpendicular to a bedding plane.


Colorful marking or the appearance of veins in stone flooring.


A thin facing applied to a surface for decoration, insulation, or extra protection. It is commonly seen in stone veneer applied to interiors and exteriors of homes to provide a stone wall look.

Verde Antique

A type of marble often polished and used for flooring that is mainly composed of serpentine. It commonly has very thin white lines running though it that resemble broken spider webs.

Vertical Broken Joint

A tile installation method where each row is offset from the previous row for half a tile's length.

Vertical Grain

This type of bamboo flooring lacks the visible nodes of horizontal grain bamboo flooring, creating a more uniform look.

Vertical Stamped Concrete

A concrete overlay up to 3"" thick which is installed vertically on walls and other surfaces, then stamped to produce a texture, pattern, or design.


A type of flooring made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, a special type of plastic, which comes in sheet rolls in 6' and 12' widths or tiles in many different sizes.

Vinyl Composition Tiles

Vinyl flooring that comes in square, rectangular, or other geometrically shaped tiles which can be used to create patterns and designs.


The ability of a fluid to resist flow.

Vitreous Tile

A glassy, rather than crystalline, tile with low porosity that has a low water absorption rate between 0.5% and 3%.


Volatile Organic Compound: An organic chemical compound commonly found in adhesives, paint, caulk, cleaning supplies, carpet, and wood. They can be toxic.