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Wall Tie

A device which is used to hold masonry to the wall or to other pieces.

Wall Tile

Tiles often installed on walls that are not made to withstand extreme outdoor temperatures.


Wallbase refers to a type of trim that is affixed to a wall covering the floor expansion gap. This gap is usually "" or greater. Wallbase can be used with quarter round or base shoe to cover gaps that are even larger.


aka: stains

When a piece of flooring deviates from the surface of the flooring.

Water Plug

A type of cement that is used to fill and seal cracks in concrete.

Water Reducer

A product added to wet concrete which increases slump without decreasing its strength.

Water-Based/Water Borne Finishes

Finishes made by suspending solids in water, which is the solvent.

Water-Cement Ratio

aka: cane, ""pole"" or ""trunk""

A measurement of the amount of water compared to the amount of cement in concrete.


A resinous substance used in polishes and other products, made from materials that are plant or animal in origin and are not water soluble.


Applying a wax finish to a floor. Also refers to the filling of small voids in marble flooring with a colored product.


The removal of the finish layer of a flooring surface which is generally caused by friction from dirt and debris.

Wear Layer

The layer on top of the core in wood flooring that can be sanded and refinished to make the floor appear new again.

Wear Resistance

The ability of a surface to withstand wear from normal traffic.


Alteration caused by temperature changes or extreme water or humidity, and other natural, environmental factors.


aka: refinish, screen and coat

The act of splitting stone by hammering a wedge into a weak spot.

Weld Rods

Thin rod shaped materials that are heated until they melt, then used to seal the seams in different types of flooring. They come in different colors and materials to match the flooring being installed.

Welded Wire Mesh/Welded Wire Fabric

Wire strips that are woven together and welded at each intersection.

Wet Polishing

The process of polishing a surface which uses water to cool the abrasive material and reduce the spreading of dust in the air while working.

White Cement

A type of white Portland cement that is low in iron and is often used with integral pastels or other bright colors.

Wiping Stain

A type of stain that is applied and then wiped off with a cloth to remove any excess stain.

Wire Brushing

A method used to give a piece of flooring a distressed look by brushing the surface with a wire brush.

Wood Filler

See Filler


A less common, very expensive fiber used to make carpet that comes from the wool of sheep. It can range in color from off-white to black and many neutral, earthen colors in between.


A term describing the consistency of wet concrete or its ability to be mixed, poured, or molded.

Working Time

The amount of time you have to work with a material before it begins to set, harden, or dry.


A method of manufacturing carpet that involves interlacing or weaving carpet on a weaving loom.