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Laminate Floors | Professional or DIY? How to Choose

Pro or DIY?

The time has come to choose someone to install your laminate flooring. Is your laminate flooring installer a phone call away, or staring back at you in the mirror? Either way, is ready to help make your flooring installation as seamless as possible!

Professional Installation

Who knew a zip code could mean so much? That's all you need to access our Find It Locally search directory, which includes listings of licensed flooring professionals located near you. You'll find the search directory is conveniently available from every page on the website.

Once you find your search results, be on the lookout for the Certified Seal. Our seal lets you know an installer is properly licensed to take on your flooring project. While our directory listings are accurate when published, we still recommend that you confirm a professional installer's licensing before hiring them. Unsure of the questions you need to ask an installer before choosing them for your project? Our Laminate Buying Guide includes Ask the Installer, a series of questions you'll want your potential installer to answer before awarding the job.

If you plan on hiring a professional, you may want to consider having him/her install your laminate floors using eco–friendly installation techniques. This includes choosing adhesives that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and installing in a way so as to minimize floor waste.


Planning to put your own stamp on that new floor? Our DIY Laminate Installation Guide will lend a hand. Our guide is complete with everything you need to know to see your project through to completion, and could save you from making mistakes common with do–it–yourself projects.

How is laminate flooring produced? Check out the "How They're Made" tab at the top of page for the answers.