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Is Laminate Right For Me?

Whether you've settled on laminate flooring or you're still making up your mind, you will benefit by reviewing's Flooring Tips and Fast Facts below. Learn how laminate compares to hardwood and other types of floors based on common flooring characteristics.

Comparing Laminate Flooring To Other Floor Types

Laminate flooring sales are increasing faster than the sales of any other floor type in the United States. Much of the floor covering's popularity stems from its versatility. Many floor buyers like the idea of having an expensive–looking floor installed for a fraction of the price, especially one that is resilient and can be maintained easily. Need flooring for high traffic areas? No problem! High-pressure laminate (HPL) and laminate that has a high Abrasion Class (AC) rating is tough enough to withstand heavy traffic and still look good. The lifecycle of these laminate types can last for decades so long as they're properly cared for; ultimately, meaning less cost for repairs and less landfill waste.

Where will your flooring be installed? If you're thinking about the kitchen or bathroom, you'll want to do some additional research throughout our site. Excessive moisture and standing water in these rooms can make some brands of laminate swell and distort. Certain laminate manufacturers advise against installing laminate in these potentially "wet" areas, while others say it can be done successfully under the right conditions. Don't risk voiding your warranty after the fact. suggests you check with the manufacturer and your local retailer ahead of time to determine what type or brand of laminate flooring will work best.

There are a number of factors to consider before jumping into the laminate world. Let us help you make the right decision with our Laminate Buying Guide. Whether you're thinking about purchasing flooring or you've already begun the process, consult our buying guide for tips that can help you at every stage of the flooring process. developed this flooring comparison chart to give you food for thought when making your flooring choice. We hope you'll find it helpful.

Flooring Comparison | Flooring Tips and Fast Facts
Flooring Concern Bamboo Carpet Concrete Cork Hardwood Laminate Linoleum Rubber Stone Tile Vinyl
Durability D*     D     D       D
Works for bathrooms D*     D*             D
Works for basements       D* D*   D*        
Safe for small children                      
Withstands heavy foot traffic   D             D D  
Moisture resistant     S           S S  
Eco–friendly varieties available               D   D  
DIY friendly D     D D   D D D D D

D = depends on the type of flooring you choose
S = if sealed properly
* = the best case scenario, with proper care and maintenance

Have you decided who will install your new laminate flooring? Pro or DIY? Those of you who want to install your own laminate flooring will find laminate is a popular choice for Do–It–Yourselfers. Our DIY Laminate Installation Guide could be just what you need to get the ball rolling!