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Whether linoleum is your flooring of choice or you're still not sure of the best floor for your home, you could benefit from our Flooring Tips and Fast Facts chart below. This chart lists several features floor buyers typically consider when looking for new flooring, and shows you "at–a–glance" which floors have those features.

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Is Linoleum Right for Me?

Linoleum flooring is versatile enough to satisfy the tastes of a wide range of floor buyers. Crafted from organic materials, linoleum is eco–friendly and a great choice if you're going "green". Linoleum is also hypoallergenic, a plus for allergy or asthma sufferers. Many floor buyers who renovate older homes choose linoleum to compliment or replicate the home's original flooring. Linoleum's evolution into more modern colors, patterns and styles makes it an attractive, economical choice for newer dwellings as well. The floor's resiliency, shock–absorbency and durability (when properly coated) can be ideal for children's playrooms, high–traffic areas and wheelchairs.

As with any flooring project, however, it's important to evaluate the area where the floor will be installed. Linoleum isn't considered a viable choice for basements or concrete sub–floors because of the risk of excess moisture. This is also why some manufacturers advise against installing it in kitchens and bathrooms; suggests you check the manufacturer's requirements ahead of time so you don't risk voiding your warranty. Another factor to keep in mind is linoleum flooring generally will not add to the resale value of your home.

You will find important information about all of your linoleum flooring options at Our Linoleum Flooring Buying Guide will help you understand the floor buying process, from selection to maintenance and everything in between. If you're thinking about installing your own linoleum floor, let our seasoned flooring professionals assist you. Consult our Do–It–Yourself (DIY) Linoleum Flooring Installation Guide for detailed instructions and useful tips that can make your flooring project a DIY delight. developed this flooring comparison chart to give you food for thought when making your flooring choice. We hope you'll find it helpful.

Flooring Comparison | Flooring Tips and Fast Facts
Flooring Concern Bamboo Carpet Concrete Cork Hardwood Laminate Linoleum Rubber Stone Tile Vinyl
Durability D*     D     D       D
Works for bathrooms D*     D*             D
Works for basements       D* D*   D*        
Safe for small children                      
Withstands heavy foot traffic   D             D D  
Moisture resistant     S           S S  
Eco–friendly varieties available               D   D  
DIY friendly D     D D   D D D D D

D = depends on the type of flooring you choose
S = if sealed properly
* = the best case scenario, with proper care and maintenance