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linoleum floor types

Linoleum is one of the more straightforward types of flooring. Before you go shopping, all you'll really need to know is what color you want and where you want to have it installed. The good news about linoleum is that it's recommended for installation in most household areas. Use this section to learn about different linoleum types so you know exactly what you want when shopping.

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Linoleum Flooring Configuration

  • Sheet Linoleum Flooring: As the most popular variety of linoleum, sheet linoleum flooring comes in the widest selection of colors and patterns. Since sheet linoleum comes in heavy 6'6" rolls and the installation process is fairly complex, it's recommended that you have a professional install your linoleum floors.
  • Linoleum Tile Flooring: Combining the benefits of linoleum with the attractive look of a tile floor, linoleum tiles are a great alternative to tiles of ceramic or stone. While they may be installed over a pre–existing floor, it must be a very smooth and secure surface in order to support the tiles. Linoleum tiles will also have a distinctly different feel from ceramic or stone.
  • Floating Linoleum Floors: Floating linoleum floors are the best choice for those who want to install their linoleum floors themselves. Featuring click and lock edges, these planks will click into place. Since they don't require adhesive, they can be installed with minimum mess, and you'll still get the great look of linoleum that you want.

Linoleum Flooring Configurations: Sheet,
Tile and Floating


  • Solid: Solid–colored linoleum is popular for the vivid range of shades you can find. Since linoleum colors run all the way through, you can worry less about your linoleum floors fading.
  • Marble: Want the look of marble without the cost? Linoleum floors provide a similar look at a much lower price.
  • Flecked: This unique pattern will add a distinctive look to any room.
  • Patterns: Patterned linoleum floors are available with a variety of different looks, and they stand up very well to wear and tear. You may have to order more linoleum so that the seams match up properly.

Linoleum Colors: Solid, Marble, Flecked and Pattern