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Stone Flooring | Professional or DIY? How to Choose

A properly installed stone floor can be a stunning addition to your home. The weight of the stone and the need for precise measurements can make installing even the simplest stone floor quite labor intensive. The more intricate the stone floor design, the more complex the installation process becomes. For these reasons, we recommend seeking the expertise of a professional installer.

Stone Floor Installation Services

Professional Installation

Our FindItLocally search directory is all you need to find certified flooring installation professionals near you. The search directory is accessible from every page of our website and is available to you at any time. Just type in your zip code and let do the rest.

Our directory also includes flooring professionals who have the Certified Seal. This seal means we have verified the business holds the proper licensing and certifications. Listings are accurate at the time of publication, but we strongly recommend that you verify the qualifications of the installer before your project begins.

Not sure what you need to know before you hire a professional installer? created Ask the Installer just for you. Ask the Installer is a series of questions which will help you know what to ask before assigning the job. Located in our Stone Flooring Buying Guide, this tool can help you determine if the flooring professional and your flooring project are a perfect match.

Do–It–Yourself has created a DIY Stone Flooring Installation Guide for those of you who are interested in installing your own stone floor. While installing stone floors is not recommended as a DIY project, our flooring professionals share their expertise in this step-by-step installation guide should you decide to do it yourself. A little professional insight may be just what you need to complete your project successfully.

Curious about where stone flooring comes from? Visit the History of Stone section for details.