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Installing Vinyl Flooring Around Trims, Transitions, Pipes, Vents, & Stairs

How to Install Around Vents, Fireplaces, Pipes & Specials Areas

Download Vinyl Flooring Installation Instructions | PDF's
PDF icon for PDF fileQuick Guide on How–to–Install a Vinyl Floor – 300kb pdf | Our short installation guide for those with DIY experience.
PDF icon for PDF fileFull Guide – Complete Installation Instructions on Installing your Vinyl Floor – 1.0 mb pdf | Our full set of DIY installation instructions.

Vinyl flooring may be installed in a variety of special circumstance areas such as:

  • Around Fireplaces – Install vinyl flush with brickwork/fireplaces and caulk the entire edge.
  • Pipes and Vents – Account for these objects in your pattern (for sheet vinyl) or make mini–patterns to help you cut around these areas for vinyl tiles/planks.
  • On Stairs – Vinyl should not be installed on stairs for safety reasons.
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Transitions and Trims

Install Transitions

Install transitions and trim to hide any expansion spacing and put the finishing touches on your room.

  • For Carpet – Metal, vinyl and rubber transition pieces are available. These types of transitions are either glued or nailed to the subfloor.
  • For Other Flooring Surfaces – Transitions to laminate, hardwood, tile or bamboo should match or accent that flooring surface.

Install Trim

Install all wall base, shoe base and quarter round trim around the perimeter of the room. Do NOT glue the trim to the vinyl. Always glue to the wall and nail at an angle every 16". Caulk significant gaps between the trim and the wall.

Caulk the Floor

Use flexible, mildew resistant silicone caulk to seal around all bathtubs, showers and other wet areas. If you did not remove your baseboard, caulk the perimeter to seal against moisture and prevent the edges of the vinyl from peeling up.

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