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Vinyl Flooring | Professional or DIY? How to Choose

Pro or DIY?

The time has come to install your new vinyl floor. Should you hire a professional flooring installer or do it yourself; which option is best? The answer depends in part on which type of vinyl flooring you select.

Vinyl sheet (commonly referred to as sheet vinyl) flooring comes in 6– or 12–foot rolls. Depending on the size of your floor, one sheet may be enough to complete the job. Sheet vinyl accounts for 85%–90% of vinyl flooring sales because it can be installed in large areas quickly and has the least amount of seams - a plus for rooms and areas that are prone to moisture. The size of the sheets, however, can make vinyl installation tricky for a do–it–yourself project. Professional installation is recommended for vinyl sheet installation. Find a qualified pro in your area by using our Find it Locally search directory.

If you're interested in installing your own vinyl floor, you may want to look into vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl tiles typically come in 12" x 12" squares, while vinyl planks are made to simulate wood and typically measure 3" x 36" (larger sizes are also available). Vinyl tiles and planks are easier for the do–it–yourselfer to manage than vinyl sheets. They also withstand moisture as well as vinyl sheet flooring, if installed and sealed according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

No matter how you choose to have your vinyl floor installed, you'll discover has the tips and tools to help make the project a success.

You've decided to let a professional install your new vinyl floor; don't spin your wheels trying to locate the right one. Let do the legwork for you with our Find It Locally search directory, available on every page of the website. Simply type in your zip code, and we'll provide detailed listings of certified flooring professionals in your area. You'll be one step closer to new flooring.

Some of our directory listings include the Certified Seal. This seal lets you know we have verified a flooring professional is certified and properly licensed to do flooring installations. Our listings are current at publication, but we still recommend you validate an installer's qualifications before awarding them your flooring project.

Choosing a professional flooring installer involves more than checking credentials. Have they installed vinyl flooring before? How will they prepare your home before the job begins and clean after the project is completed? What are your payment options? Visit Ask the Installer for a list of questions you can use when selecting a flooring professional for your project. Located in our Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide, Ask the Installer is a helpful tool that could mean the difference between picking a good installer and picking the best one.


If you'd rather install your own vinyl floor, we can help with that too. We've consulted some of the best flooring professionals in the business and used their knowledge to create a DIY Vinyl Flooring Installation Guide. Let them walk you through installing your vinyl floor and help keep you from errors common to DIY flooring jobs. You'll be glad you did.

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